Behind every book is a story in itself. 

A story of my family. Humans and pets! 

I share my home with my wonderful wife, Louise. We met in 2003 and married in 2007. Since that amazing sunny day we have added 3 children to our household. They range from 10 to 2 years of age; never a dull moment. Our cat, Missy, joined us in the time we call BC - Before Children! She is a Blue eyed Snow Spotted Bengal, and a real character. Her favourite time to run around is of course after the kids are in bed. I am sure that many of you will recognise that in your own pets. 

We also have a Pink Tongued Skink called Skeddie. Our daughter, 6 at the time, named her... Skeddie is an amazingly low maintenance pet, as she only eats snails. 

I used to be a truck driver for Morrisons in the UK, a national supermarket. In 2011 I fell ill with swine flu. After the flu symptoms went, illness remained. It took a very long time to get to the bottom of things, finally I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis a few years later. Little did I know at the time that illness would change my life. It cost me my job, as I had become unfit for work. My family have been amazing and are always there to support me not just with my writing, but all aspects of life. 

I feel blessed that I am able to write books that people love, and have learned to accept that it takes me a lot longer than perhaps I would like! 

It helps that I have got a fab team. To write a book you need to get the words down, polish it as much as possible and then allow Beta readers to read it. After they have read it and made suggestions, an author then makes what changes need making before sending it the the editor. Thank goodness I have found a superb editor! Then it is a case of commissioning a cover designer, send it all to a formatter then release it to the world. 

The book community has amazed me by its ongoing advice and help. Since writing I have discovered the world of blogging. These fabulous people read and then review about books, and that really helps to find new readers. 

My advice to any aspiring writers is to give it a go; if I can do it then so can anyone else willing to put in the effort.