Autumn is here, a great time to get reading.

Good evening to you all. It is now autumn, the children are back at school and it appears that I may have a tiny more time to write. Huzzah!

So, what’s happened since the last blog? Death Dolls has been published to great reviews. You can see it on your favourite retailer, it is reduced to 99p for a few days, so grab it while it is hot!

I am writing the third book in a trilogy. It is super exciting to be writing as it is so different from the Newdon Killers series. I love both series, but it has been a big decision to not release any of the trilogy books until they are all ready to go. We have all waited for the next book in a series before, with no firm idea of when it is coming. That can be frustrating, and I wanted to avoid that.

This series is to be called Limbo Island Trilogy, The first book starts with Marcus Lennon getting ace results in his school tests. His parents, Nancy and Damien reward him with a day out wherever he likes. He chooses the local museum as there is an exhibition about Japan… Maybe I’ll drop more teasers but for now that’ll do!

In November I am going to attend a Crime Writing Masterclass in Cambridge. As a fibromyalgia warrior, I know that this day is going to be exhausting for that day, and further days after. So for the couple of days leading up to it I’ll be resting even more than normal. That’s life living with chronic illness’, but hey we have to try and live a little!

That’s all for now; I love to hear from readers so don’t be shy to leave a comment or drop me a line!

Best Wishes