Since 2017, Simon has been writing stories.

It started with a call for a short story for an anthology. 

Famously Ordinary was the resulting piece. The anthology never materialised but he had caught the writing bug! 

Since then, Simon had a couple of poems published in charity anthologies and a story called Black Cat in Super Sick by Mark Nye. 

On February the 8th 2018, his first self published book called The Crucifix was published. It had been a steep learning curve, but it was a proud moment to see it on sale. The Crucifix is a British cult crime thriller, and quite unique in the crime genre. 

That month also saw a joint project, with Mark Nye, called Anathema published. 

2018 was an exciting year. Simon has published a new version of Famously Ordinary, a novella rather than the original short story. This is now alongside The Crucifix as part of the series Newdon Killers. Newdon is a fictional town. Simon was born and raised in Doncaster, Newdon seemed the perfect name for a new town!

The third book is called Death Dolls, and is scheduled to be published on the 22nd August 2018. That day just happens to be Simon's birthday.

In addition to this his first novel in a new series, called Too Early for Death will be published. The sequel, The Right Time for Death will be released soon after. These books are low fantasy/ mystery/ supernatural genre.

Check out the books pages to find the links to buy! 

Thank you!